The transfer window is now open

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Ahh..June. It’s cloudy. There is a slight chill in the air, the ground smells fresh from rain and we have the tabloids making merry out of linking every player with every club known to mankind. 😐

It’s true. If I had a rupee for every time I hear about Man City buying a player, or Kaka’s future at San Siro, I’d be a really rich man by now. Absolute madness in terms of money offered, demands made and and contracts negotiated, which each year becoming more insane than the former. Again, people say thatΒ  “money talks” or “victory is bought” or any other crap they can think of. Such people are insane and jealous in my opinion.

If the owners of the club have the money, they need a certain player and if they do think that such a person is worth all the effort (ie. it brings them
victory in the season), logic dictates, that obviously, they will do whatever they can to get that player to sign their jersey. Be it Ronaldo, Tevez, Kaka, Ribery or even Eto’o. If Madrid think that Kaka will help their cause next year and they have the money (same goes for Ronaldo), they will chase him till he cannot refuse (like what happened with Zizou and Juventus). Face it, money makes the world go round, I’m sure Adebayor will agree πŸ˜€

However, this raises the question of loyalty.

Kaka’ was chased by Man City’s new owners this summer, willing to offer him
“much much more” than what Real Madrid are offering now. Yet he categorically stated “I belong to Jesus, my dream is to captain AC Milan and play for them forever” and showed the ManC agents the door. Now, he looks all set to play at Santiago Bernabue Stadium, and yet, he doesn’t retract his previous statement. How can he? The club he had pledged loyalty to, the club he “wanted to captain” is about to be betrayed (since no confirmation has been recieved of him accepting Real Madrid’s offer YET). Kaka has now joined Madrid for €65 million :{

Gareth Barry, the captain of Aston Villa Football Club, was leading a team of great potential. Martin O’Neill produced a gem of side through hard work in the past few years, and his efforts paid off with Villa playing in the Europa League next year, under the good form of Barry, Young, Agbanlahor and other rising stars. Yet Barry, despite showing much promise, declared that he wanted Champions League football, since he would be peaking in about a few years and that he wanted to play in the best European competition there
is, which is acceptable. AVFC might be the club that would finish 5th-8th in the League, since the top 4 are, well, the top 4 πŸ˜€ . So Barry did have a point to make. However, just as the ‘Pools were about to cash in on his wish, ManC grabbed him, by offering as much as 1,00,000 pounds per week (if tabloids are to be believed) and thus, he went from from a club placed 5th, to that placed 10th. Why?

Because he’s getting paid for it. Obviously. Loyalty was not a problem for him here I should add.

Same was the case when Figo left Barcelona for Madrid, or Cannavaro left Juventus for Madrid, or Seedorf left Inter Milan for AC Milan. The list is endless. I guess it all comes down to money, and not “favoured” clubs or “dreams”.

If you’ve got the money, people will play for you, and that looks to repeat itself this year too.

So just sit back, pick a team and rest assured, you’ll definitely enjoy the camaraderie. πŸ˜€


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FA Cup Champions 2009!!

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( for the first time, a reasonable post title πŸ˜€ )

The last game of the season, the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Everton, was underway on Saturday afternoon (evening in India obviously πŸ˜› ) at the new Wembley Stadium in London. Chelsea was looking to finish a some what topsy-turvyΒ  season on a high, while Everton, were looking to play spoilsport.This also happened to be Guus Hiddink’s last match as Chelsea manager, so as Lampard said before the game, the Blues were looking to give him a parting gift.

So,Β  on the hot Wembley pitch (at 41 CΒΊ mind you) the oldest football cup final was underway. I barely settled on my seat with some snacks that Everton scored straight after kick-off. In what was a sloppy piece of defending, Pienaar ran through Bosingwa, curled the ball in towards Chelsea’s box, eventually headed away by Alex, but straight to Fellaini who passed the ball to ex-ManU player Saha, who smashed the ball past Petr Cech.

Boom. Not even a minute on the pitch. 1-0 to Everton. 😦

This, as I’ve noticed is what Chelsea should be wary of. It always takes a good 10-15 mins for the Blues (or should I saw, the Yellows) to switch on and start attacking. It happenned against Arsenal (both in the semis and in the league) and Barca ( check out the first 10 mins in both halfs of the game at SB, not Camp Nou). But anyway, we were behind. No excuses this time. Credit to Everton for making the most of the ball (quite literally). For the next 20 mins, though there was some defensive errors, Chelsea looked to remain calm and composed as Everton piled the pressure.

Ashley Cole and Malouda kept causing problems for the Everton defence all this while as Everton’s right-back Tony Hibbert looked undecided. The Lampard-Malouda combination proved very fruitful for Chelsea under Hiddink, and it was this combo that set up Drogba, who was dormant all this while, to tear through Everton’s defence and head Malouda’s cross (passed on from midfield by Lampard) into the Everton goal. 1-1 in 20 mins. Joy! πŸ˜€

The rest of the first half remained un-eventful (atleast IMO) 1-1 at halftime. 2 goals in 45 mins between teams who couldn’tΒ  score in the 180 mins they played each other in the league πŸ˜€ . David Moyes made the only change as he removed Hibbert and brought on Jacobson.

The second half was a bit more eventful, though both teams kept losing the ball in midfield or at the death. Goalkeepers were kept busy, shots went off target, ferocious tackles came in, but no real threat posed by either team. The match looked set to go into extra time if it continued at this rate.

Cue Lampard. With 19 goals this season (and looking for the 20th) took responsibilty on himself, changing his mind in the last second as he was about to take the shot, slipped, yet gathered himself quickly to shoot the ball the other way and past Howard’s fingertips. 2-1 to Chelsea at 72 mins as Lampard scores 20 goals in the season for the 4th time.

Needless to say, that was enough. Everton became nervous as they kept shooting wide and fouling in an effort to win possession. An error was made by the ref as Malouda tore through the defence, etching to score a goal and shot the ball straight past Howard and into the post, with the ball bouncing inside the goal-line, yet adjudged by the linesmen as “no goal”. My heart throbbed as I didnt want a repeat of what happened at SB against Barca. Again, at 84 mins, Lampard was fouled by Pienaar in the box, yet the ref (who I must admit, was in no position to see the ball) adjudged Lampard guilty for diving and booked him. Though I was now used to penalty decisions not going our way, I was a nervous wreck. 😐

But there was nothing to worry about. Despite the massive 4 mins of stoppage time, Everton didnt pose much of a threat and joy erupted as the ref blew the final whistle. Chelsea have won the FA cup, have gained some silverware this season (in your face Liverfool and Le Arse πŸ˜› ) and have said good-bye to arguably the best managers of the clubs history.

A wierd season. We got one of the world’s best manager Scolari to make brilliant start at the beginning of the season, then made a fool of himself, got fired, were in 4th position halfway, lost all hope of gaining any trophy as ManU and Pool ran away with the game, enter Hiddink, and now we finish 3rd in the league (so direct qualification to next year’s CL), have got the best of confidence in Drogba, Malouda and the team as a whole, were in touching distance of winning the CL this year (if it wasn’t for that ref 😐 ) and now, have won the FA cup. Hiddink will be missed sorely, and with his aura and impact he has (now “had” 😦  ) on the field, he is the special one now. πŸ˜‰

If he ever does decide to come back (and I hope he does ) no doubt he will be recieved with open arms. πŸ™‚

(PS, I know, I’ve posted a lot about football, but you’ll not here about this much now atleast till August 😐 )

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Unity in diversity?

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I read an interesting article about a few months back. Apparently, India is one of the few countries in the world which does not have a national language. Yeah, you heard me, hindi is NOT the national language of India, as it was thought of by the masses, including me.

A little bit of googling helped me find that article 343 of the Indian constitution states that Hindi and English are the Official languages of India; the article also further states that Hindi cannot be termed as a national language, despite it’s popularity, since it is not unanimously spoken throughout India.

Come to think of it, Bengali is common in the East, the South have a myriad of languages based on Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada (along with their dialects), Gujarati and Marathi are spoken in the west, while Hindi is predominantly spoken in the north. While it is logical to understand that just 1 language cannot be used to define the whole of India, which is good in a way (making India a “potboiler” of cultures), this diversity also happens to be a drawback.

Every person is proud to be speaking their mother tongue (of course, they have every right to be) and thus, a sense of “my language is supreme” emerges. There is no point in denying that. India happened to be broken down into states precisely because each “lingual community” wanted to have a “place of their own”. Thus, the sense of unity, how much ever one tries show it, is left to be desired.

A sense of “Me Marathi” or “Naan Tamilran” overtakes the feeling of “I’m an Indian” in more cases than one. 😐

It’s not that “we need a national language” or “Unity is threatened” or any crap like that. It’s just that unless we speak to each other keeping our country and not our languages in mind, it might lead to a case of “disparity in diversity” 😦

PS. Article 343 quoted from here

This article is just my 2 paisa. It is not meant to offend any communityΒ  πŸ™‚

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