May 7, 2009 at 2:58 pm (Personal) (, , , )

My B’day is coming up. 🙂

What more can I ask for than flattering myself with a poem (written by me of course 😛 )

The final chapter of childhood unfolds,

as I walk into the future thats never been told.

My last year of kiddish-ness, my last year of freedom,

The last year I cant be liable for what crap I have done.

It’s been fun to still be a juvenile,

Although I’ve been etching to grow up all this while

To become an adult, to grow up is all I wanted to do,

As I realise now that childhood is fun too.

Voting, driving, boozing are a year away,

So are “hard-work” and “responsibilty” also  in the fray

I’ve almost exitted the era of fun.

But heck, I’m not an adult yet,  just give me this one 😀

(wierd poem I know, but makes me feel good about myelf 😉 )


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