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It’s official now. Barca have won the Champions League. 😐

I wasn’t all that keen on watching the final, considering that I hated ManU, and that Barca cheated us at Stamford Bridge (read this post). But still, being a football buff got the better of me, so I decided to watch the game as a neutral πŸ˜€ .

The game (highly overhyped in ManU’s favour) began in typical fassion, with ManU starting off with a bang, having as much as 5-7 shots on goal in the first 10 mins, with “baayla” hello-madrid Ronaldo selfishly wasting most of the chances.

As I said earlier, ManU were overhyped, and in that one moment when ManU lost the ball for the first time (in the 11th minute of course) , Eto’o took full advantage and shot the ball past Buddha -der-Sar after a brilliant run to open the scoreline. 1-0 to Barca.

ManU totally lost the plot there after. Iniesta kept piling the pressure on the defence.Β  Messi clever came to the centre of the field, leaving Eto-o to eat Nani for dinner time and again. Henry kept making chances (and made a mess of them at the death). But Henry, Iniesta, Messi and with overlap by Xavi kept charging at the ManU defence, which, (in what is a grossly unthinkable sentence) had the better defence line-up (read on to see why I said that πŸ˜‰ ). Something had to give as the players entered half time with that 1 goal between them.

The second half started with SAF removing Anderson from the pitcg for a lacklustre performance, by bringing on Tevez. The latter did try to force the issue, tying up with Rooney to make runs into the Barca defence, and the Catalans were in danger of conceding their lead.

In comes Messi. The shortest player on the pitch, the player who has a bad record against English clubs and yet, the player who has the most no. of goals this season, suddenly broke loose, and directed Xavi’s cross (with his head mind you) into the back of the net, leaving Nani, Ferdinand and Buddha-der-Sar ball watching. πŸ˜€ 2-0 to the Catalans.

ManU, now visibly shaken, did whatever they could to get back into the game. Most no. of offences were created by them in the last 20 mins, with Ronaldo (who turned out to be the “popat” of the match) kept making a mess of things, while the Catalans kept attacking at the other end, leaving Vidic ashen-faced (I must add that it was Vidic who was doing the working of baby-sitting all four defenders too)

So, the ref (who had a reasonable game, surprisingly 😐  ) blew the final whistle and catapulted Barca into the first Spanish team to win the treble. This now throws up an interesting observation.

Chelsea had completely shut down Barca’s goal factory and ensured that the Catalans would not get the better of them. This did work, until the 95th minute at SB, when for the first time in as much as 190 mins of football, Barca managed to score, that too, with Iniesta’s last ditch effort being the only shot that Barca could ever take in that match. Hiddink had divised the best strategy to break Barca’s defence (and offence I must add πŸ˜€ ),Β  by playing like “anti-barca”.Β  Chelsea only took that odd chance to take a shot at goal and did not take the attack to them, but still made their life hell. And it didΒ  work, till the 95th min. 😐

ManU, however, with all their over-confidenceΒ  (or should I say misplaced confidence) in their style of play, decided to play like themselves and Barca took full advantage of ManU throwing everyone forward and scored 2 goals in 90 mins. (as opposed to 1 goal in 190 mins against Chelsea)

So, in conclusion, Chelsea have now been established as the team with the better defence than any other club in Europe (at least in my opinion). Sure, we conceded 4 goals against the ‘Pools in the quarters,Β  but I guess that was due to the fact that we already won at Anfield, that too by a healthy margin, thus leading too a bit of complacency.

So congrats to Barca (who were better than ManU), but also, a hearty congrats to Chelsea, for proving that thy can be the best defence there is. πŸ™‚


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A look back….

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My B’day made me introspect on what I’ve done so far, what lies ahead, not for me alone, but even for the world around me, in general.
It’s difficult to put into words what I’ve seen/experienced so far, which, truth be told has been a sine wave of sorts.(If you dont know what a sine wave is YOU should introspect your own life first πŸ˜› )

A new govt. , a hypocritical society, crumbling infra (stuff I dont really care about, but worth mentioning), 3G (finally,though it comes at a time when the world is looking to 4G πŸ˜• ), water/power cuts, quotas, reservations(a GC student’s nightmare), college, SMSs, jam sessions (ahhh..this is teh life πŸ˜‰ ) this pretty much sums up what I’ve seen in the past couple of years, which is not great, but not bad either. πŸ™‚

But life was never this complicated AFAIK (sounds all cliched, but still )I just thought of what life might have been just a decade or 2 ago, and boy, I envy that gen.

No pressure, all the free time in the world , coaching classes were meant for dumbasses, no “bhaag dhod” to get things done, people actually had the time to stand and stare,  and talked to each other in person 😐 (instead of wasting it on crap called “social networking sites”, more on this later πŸ˜‰ )

Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Bollywood music ruled. The Indian hockey team was actually consistent. I vaguely remember people dancing to “Venga boys” and “Brazil”  ( I dont envy them for that LOL πŸ˜€ ).

Then again, there were only 2 channels on TV, no Pepsi, no Coke, no Internet, heck, no computers as well. No mobile phones (closest you could get to that was a PCO πŸ˜• ). No metal music (ahh..torture 😦   , but I doubt people would miss something they never heard about). No gaming, no “hang-out” joints (not that I do)

As you can see, this gen is more materialistic (look at all the points I’ve noted that the previous gen doesnt have, and vice versa). But it doenst hurt to be this way, right?
This gen has witnessed teh “tech boom” , globalisation, greater freedom of speech.

And metal music, for crying out loud.  πŸ˜‰   m/

So in conclusion, to all those who say “This life is fast paced and bad compared to yester-years”, they dont know what they are missing πŸ˜€

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Unity in diversity?

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I read an interesting article about a few months back. Apparently, India is one of the few countries in the world which does not have a national language. Yeah, you heard me, hindi is NOT the national language of India, as it was thought of by the masses, including me.

A little bit of googling helped me find that article 343 of the Indian constitution states that Hindi and English are the Official languages of India; the article also further states that Hindi cannot be termed as a national language, despite it’s popularity, since it is not unanimously spoken throughout India.

Come to think of it, Bengali is common in the East, the South have a myriad of languages based on Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada (along with their dialects), Gujarati and Marathi are spoken in the west, while Hindi is predominantly spoken in the north. While it is logical to understand that just 1 language cannot be used to define the whole of India, which is good in a way (making India a “potboiler” of cultures), this diversity also happens to be a drawback.

Every person is proud to be speaking their mother tongue (of course, they have every right to be) and thus, a sense of “my language is supreme” emerges. There is no point in denying that. India happened to be broken down into states precisely because each “lingual community” wanted to have a “place of their own”. Thus, the sense of unity, how much ever one tries show it, is left to be desired.

A sense of “Me Marathi” or “Naan Tamilran” overtakes the feeling of “I’m an Indian” in more cases than one. 😐

It’s not that “we need a national language” or “Unity is threatened” or any crap like that. It’s just that unless we speak to each other keeping our country and not our languages in mind, it might lead to a case of “disparity in diversity” 😦

PS. Article 343 quoted from here

This article is just my 2 paisa. It is not meant to offend any communityΒ  πŸ™‚

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