Chelsea match today….and more!

August 23, 2009 at 7:57 pm (Chelsea, Metal) (, , , )

A post after a long time…lol πŸ˜€

Anyway, today, Chelsea play Fulham at Craven Cottage. Not much of a derby (a local derby it’s been called) but Ancelotti’s got his first semi-major fixture. Hope he doesn’t disappoint πŸ˜€

He has finally realised that Lampard plays best in centre midfield, so I think the one change we’ll see in the line up is Lampard taking Essien’s place and Deco playing behind the 2 strikers, a position he originally played in at Porto (and is very well known for). We wont be able to see Belletti or Zhirkhov anytime soon, while Joe Cole and Ferrera will again sit out.

The defence is finding it hard to get used to the narrow diamond formation, thus remaining asleep for most of the first half in the matches so far. We’ve conceded twice already, though we came back from behind to win. Something I’ve seen during Mourinho’s days and in Guus’s stint is that never-say-die spirit, something which was totally lost during Scholari’s management and seems to have been reborn in Ancelotti’s first matches. So hope today’s match will be a cracker πŸ˜€

Meanwhile at Fulham, we might see our old winger Damien Duff find a place in the starting line-up. Last I heard, Davies and Andrew Johnson may not feature in the line up.

In other news, I’ve been twittering a lot lately, thus finding out about Megadeth’s new album (which will release in about a month) and that most on twitter are stupid spam bots. 😐

Nice artwork, though I lost it at the monks 😐

So, see you after the game, and follow me! πŸ˜‰


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The irony of life…

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Life’s not fair. Face it. No matter what you try, it never ends up unfair in your favour. Unless you are one of those lucky ones, whom I’d like to thrash today. (this blogger lets out an evil grin πŸ˜€ )

Not everybody are lucky, be it the middle class, the general category, the “I’m begging for attention since I’m not cricket” teams in India, I could go on. Yet it still bugs me to see that the lucky ones do get away with it. Let me point out a very basic example.

I’m a metalhead. I’m an aspiring metalhead. Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God, Metallica, Megadeth, CoB are always on my playlist. Not to say that I dont listen to other genres too (Yanni is my favourite semi-classical composer ever) but thats a separate issue. Coming back to the point. I always dream of having a device that can satisfy my every whim. To be able to play Are You Dead Yet? in high volume and yet not creating a riot among neighbours has been difficult, if not impossible.

Yet, in front of me sit’s a guy (with a very popular touch screen device) showing it off as he listens to Genda Phool in full volume. 😐

This guy has never heard of metal (he found Nothing Else Matters to be metal for crying out loud πŸ˜€ ), has the audacity to call it lameΒ  (I pity him) and yet be smirked up about it. Why? Well you’ve guessed it right. He’s got the <very popular touch screen device>, I dont. Some might call me stupid to raise an issue out of this.

But hey, I didnt know whether to laugh at his “cool” antics or actually sit and think about it. So, I did both.

This is just an example to show how the lucky ones have it all, while the ones that either truly want or deserve <very popular touch screen device>, end up in a cold place.

This not only applies here but to life in general (or atleast I would think in India). The lucky ones can buy themselves a seat in a prestigeous college. The lucky ones end up with “smanshy pants” goodies. The lucky ones study abroad (hmm, I dont think that went well down under 😐 ). The lucky ones monopolize the market, and in the end, the lucky ones inherit riches.

Meanwhile us GC guys are left working our asses of to get “that” free seat in “that” govt. college to get “that” degree after 4 years of hard work. Something which the lucky ones can get in the snap of their fingers.

Maybe that’s why GC guys work so hard, maybe to look at the lucky ones in the eye and say “I did it for free-ee “. πŸ˜€

Some guys I pointed out from the group are really sincere and dedicated (in fact I know some who are lucky yet extremely down to earth and hard-working). Yet, a majority of them are not so.

That’s the irony of life, that we all are not born to be “The Lucky Ones”. 😐

/end of rant
PS All references made to any individual/group are purely coincedental πŸ˜›

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