OMG!! Run for your life??!?!

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[dramatic text]
Ahhhhhh…Swine’s gonna kill us……….help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………shut down everything… your porn and women…..wear overpriced goofy masks…….run……we are all gonna die!!!!!!!!
[/dramatic text]

OK, that was just a highly exaggerated yet actual reaction for most to swine flu. As I’ve noticed, we weren’t fazed during the great Influenza outbreak a few decades back, during the Anthrax outbreak in US/UK or even bird flu (I bet chickens will be waiting to poop on us when we meet them in heaven after what we did to them). Wonder what could a pig do to cause all this mayhem.

Swine Flu is like an other Influenza, it’s a virus that can mutate into different forms and mainly affects those who are already very susceptible to any disease. 9/10 times the patient will recover, the one odd case of death (which is frightening, though not something to get all paranoid about) is amongst those who were already ill before contracting the disease. So, if you are fit and fine, I doubt whether you have anything to worry about (this is my opinion, DONT take it as advice)

Yet, I’m seeing kids wearing surgical masks while playing pakda-pakdi and fully grown adults trying to cover their face with anything they can find, be it a sweat stained kerchief, a mud-soiled dupatta or even (I’m not exaggerating) their own hands which had just been subjected to the oil of a roadside vada pav. (all this happened at the bus depot, in the line I was queuing at waiting for the bus), as if swine flu is actually in the air.

All you have to do is get the basics right.

Just as even in the internet, if you go looking for trouble, you are definitely digging your own grave, the same goes for this. Maintain good hygiene, get yourself checked by a GP if you are sick, dont eat outside food for a while and dont visit anybody who is sick.

You do this an I’m sure you’ll be fine. Dont go around saying that doomsday is upon us/we are going to die/crap like some of my friends did (who were the inspiration behind the first paragraph of this post) or wear an overpriced goofy mask.

Face it, if feel you are susceptible to swine flu, get yourself checked by a doctor instead of showing your insecurity by wearing a mask and further spreading the mayhem.

On a lighter note, I read on TOI a few weeks back an funny quote on swine flu:

It was once said that if a black would become president of USA, then pigs could fly. Now, Barack Obama is president and we have swine flu.

Here is another example of what over-twittering on swine flu can do (click on the image to view it):

Swine Flu Humour

Swine Flu Humour

Disclaimer: This post is just an opinion of the author concerned. NOT to be taken as any form of advice. Author shall not be held liable if reader follows it to the letter and begins to feel like a flying pig. 😛


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