Of money, goals and double standards….

June 16, 2009 at 6:07 pm (Chelsea) (, , , , )

I had written earlier about the transfer window being driven by those with the fat wallets. Fiorentino Perez, after being re-elected as Real Madrid President, spent over £150 Million in just 10 days, first bagging Kaka from AC Milan, and now Christiano Ronoldo (Oh joy!) from ManU. It’s funny about the double standards that people talk about, which is raised in every transfer window.

After Chelsea was taken over by Russian billionaire Roman Abromovich, it gave the club the previously unlikely opportunity to buy some big players. Michael Ballack, Didier Drogba, Essien (who was not much of a star when he was bought) Shevchenko (who is still a very talented player, mind you), Malouda were just some of the names the sudden cash infusion allowed the Blues to introduce to the Premier League. It brought (surprisingly) immediate result, with the Blues winning the Premeir League back-to-back. At this juncture, many pundits began claiming that “Money bought success” and “Chelsea have now blatantly inflated and spoilt the transfer matket”. 😕
Now, however, as Real Madrid are looking to do the same thing they did in 2002 (where the hell do they get this money?) by buying star players, I haven’t seen many raise this statement. I dont know why.

It’s funny since Real Madrid are (in reality) looking to buy talent they really can do without, considering that it’s their defence that’s been a let down, not the goals.

Anyway, coming back to money,clubs and players. ManU and AC Milan have the oppurtunity to make a huge mark on the window, as they have lots of “cold-hard-cash” given by Real Madrid to “buy” potential replacements. Again, you dont see the words “tainting the transfer market” here. Once again I ask, why not?

Why cant they bring up players from the youth squad? why not groom him and make him a Ronoldo/Beckham/Cantona? It’s simple. There isn’t enough time.

As the heat of the recent activity increases (not to mention it’s still freakin summer), it’s evident that 17-18 year olds cannot step up immediately into the fray (unless you are Messi or an Arsenal player 😀 ) Meanwhile, if the other team buys a quality player who is about to peak, it means kudos to the title. Ask Wenger or Perez, I’m sure they’ll agree.

So, club football is all about money, goals and lame double standards. If you’ve got the money, success (in almost all likelihood) maybe yours. 😀

And regarding to all those who just give shit that Chelsea get for spending cash, bugger off will you. I guess you still (it’s been what, 6-7 years?) cant get over the fact that we can spend on a window now. I think at least for that I can thank Roman 🙂


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